More on Why I Killed Facebook

So, you’re probably aware of the case of the Nebraska mom and daughter who have been charged over the daughter’s abortion, based in part on Facebook turning over their PM messages.  Meta claims that they were responding to a search warrant and didn’t have any choice in the matter.  Hmmm… Interesting that this particular case is reported as “One of FEW known instances of Facebook turning over information to help law enforcement officials pursue an abortion case.” (According to NBC NEWS. More on the CBS video at the bottom of this post.  NBC doesn’t allow embedding videos on WordPress.)

What’s also telling in this case is something that’s been a burr under my saddle with FB for a long time.  “Facebook Messenger offers end-to-end encryption, meaning chats between two users will be visible only on users’ phones and aren’t readable by Facebook or any government entity that makes a legal request to the company. But the option is available only to people using the Messenger app on mobile devices, and messages are encrypted only after users select the option to mark chats as “secret.”  So, before you automatically assume that your PM chats really are private?  You’ll have to wade through all the confusing – and often contradictory – crap that goes levels deep on your FB account.  This BS has been going on for years.  FB changes their privacy measures – but instead of you automatically being opted “out” you are actually opted “in,” UNLESS you bother to go and change your settings manually.  And this generally happens anytime – and every time – something changes and the platform is upgraded “for your convenience and benefit.”

In short?  Facebook has crossed the ethical line.  Zuckerberg and his top execs at META continue to bank millions and millions, and it’s all by taking advantage of you – your privacy, your web history, your friendships.  The 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution means absolutely noting in the Metaverse.  So be warned:  The reality of Facebook is probably summed up better than you might think in Zuckerberg’s words all the way back at Harvard in 2004:  “They trust me.  Dumb Fucks.”

That’s enough for me.