So… How do these folks win if all elections are “rigged?”

This is a woman named Kim Crockett.  She’s a republican, running for secretary of state in Minnesota.  She’s said – among other sound bites that are, frankly, bat-shit crazy – that the 2020 election was “rigged,” “a coup,” and claims that Minnesota needs to return to in-person voting to “roll back the chaotic, insecure absentee balloting system.”  (One that 58% of Minnesota voters from both parties used during the Covid pandemic.)

Here’s my question for her and all the other republicans running all over the nation, who claim to be running because all the previous elections were “rigged” or “false:”  How in the hell are you going to claim that YOUR election is legitimate if the entire system is rigged?  Will you “win” simply because you (and / or your pal Donald Trump) SAY that you won?

I’m having an awfully hard time figuring out how what passes for republican minds and thinking can be so woefully stupid / ignorant and yet still have people vote for these idiots.  SMFH…