RIP Barbara Ehrenreich

Barbara Ehrenreich, the ‘myth busting’ writer and activist, died today.

Her name may not be familiar to many, but she’s one of the best “truth-telling” authors of the past couple of decades.  Her books “Nickel and Dimed,” or “Bait and Switch” are eye-openers that will change the way you think about some of our richest “philanthropic” business owners.  (Since my own denomination actually has annual new church grants from one of America’s “first families” of cheap retail, I found her book a sobering counterpoint to the way Mr. Sam and Mizz Helen were long talked about in Presbyterian circles.)

If you haven’t read either one of her books?  You owe it to yourself to allow the opportunity to have your eyes opened.  I guarantee one thing will absolutely happen:  You will never walk into a Walmart (assuming you even do walk into one) without remembering some of what she exposes about the way all that cheap, Chinese junk gets on those shelves for you everyday.