School Paddling? What year is this? Where are we? Have we lost our minds?

So, at least this one school district in Missouri is bringing back paddling as corporal punishment?  Despite years and years of research and factual conclusions that it doesn’t work, increases risks of aggression and antisocial behavior, and only exists as a bona fide “alternative” to suspension in the minds of folks longing for those “good old days?”

I read things like this and watch things like the video clip above and wonder if we truly have lost our minds.  Then I read stuff like this guy below who is became a Facebook hero because he sat out in his driveway volunteering his services for “free ass whoopins” and I no longer wonder:  Far too many of us Americans HAVE INDEED lost their minds.

“Parents, your kids need a whoopin? Summer can’t end fast enough?
Stop by, I’m set up! No kids over 13…. They may whoop me.”