We regret to inform you that your are going to prison… For being stupid.

I promised myself when I resumed posting here regularly, that – in spite of having more material than a writer / critic could EVER manage to cover completely – I would not make this a “bash-Trump-all-the-time” space…

But I can’t help myself.  The anticipated FBI affadavit released today by orer of U.S. Magistrate Judge Bruce Reinhart (who by the way has been receiving death threats since he signed off on the search warrant for Mar-a-Lago), while being so heavily redacted that it’s essentially useless does clear up one item; something many of us have known for a long time now.

If Trump ends up being indicted, convicted and goes to prison – like some think he will and others hope he does – that will primarily happen because he’s too stupid to know that you probably don’t mix top-secret, classified documents with “miscellaneous newspapers, magazines and personal correspondence.” It’s not really a secret that Trump is a known hoarder. One journalist reported that his office in Trump Tower was so packed with junk that his desk was completely covered – with signed football cleats, helmets, balls and all kinds of paper that had his name or his picture printed on it.  All this detritus that Trump surrounds himself with are trophies; they are the way Trump “counts coup;”  they serve as reminders of how (at least in his own mind) he always wins, he’s always on top, he’s the most important item in his own individual universe.  (All of which serve to support many of the red flag warnings Bandy Lee and others made in THIS BOOK.)

But – even knowing these little informative tidbits, the question still stands:  To mix top-secret documents into his “I LOVE ME” boxes of hoarded junk and let them join the other “trophies” he uses to remind himself that he’s still Numero Uno in all the world?  That’s simply tantamount to admitting “I’m going to prison because I’m stupid.”  (We shouldn’t be surprised; University of Pennsylvania professor William T. Kelly told us this time and time again: ‘Donald Trump was the dumbest goddam student I ever had.’

It looks like the Donald has gone and proven this exact point to the entire world once again.