The Exact Question I Keep Asking

AP News ran an article today:

NY probe found potential crimes. Why isn’t Trump in cuffs?

This is exactly the question I’ve been asking for quite a while.  It’s patently obvious that observing and obeying laws is, for Trump and his family, a trifling matter not to be bothered with if it gets in the way of their continued attempts to enrich themselves at the expense of others… Other people, other companies, other institutions, and we’ve found out recently, entire nations as well.

The pic that accompanied the article kind of says it all:  This crooked, lying, sociopath is smirking at everyone.  He’s convinced that no rules of any kind apply to him and he can do whatever he wants, whenever he wants, to whomever he wants, with absolutely no consequences.

It appears obvious that the only possible way to break through his denial is to put him in an orange suit and lock the cell door; so why does it appear that every law enforcement organization in the country aren’t doing their jobs and arresting / prosecuting him?  Isn’t that what we do to criminals?  Trump says so himself.  Maybe it’s time he got a dose of his own medicine.