I have no words

Read this article... Now.  Don’t read another word of this post until you’ve read it all and looked at every single picture:

Backbreaking work for kids in Afghan brick kilns

If you are anything like me, seeing these pictures and reading about children as young as 6 or 7 years old toiling at such back-breaking labor will move you to tears as it simultaneously boils your blood.  (It BETTER do that for you; or you need to question your own humanity.)

The fact that something like this exists – here in the 21st century – simply leaves me with no words.  Plenty of tears… Tons of Anger… Bewilderment that ANY nation could possibly see this as remotely appropriate – EVEN the Taliban, who appear willing to play the part of ignorant savages in every other aspect of their culture and (so-called) “government.”

God help us… I thought we humans were better than this.