When a pastor works a part-time job

Bill Kinnon, over at Kinnon.tv just posted this video.  Has me rolling on the floor laughing!  Sort of… since the same thing happens to me ALL the time in my “2nd gig” over here at HandyRev.com.

And I’m willing to bet most of these folks don’t even know they’re doing what they are doing!

3 thoughts on “When a pastor works a part-time job

  1. Serena

    Hi … just sent this to other address so I can watch it tomorrow. I start my new 2nd job on the 15th!

  2. RPS

    Yeah SS… I keep thinking about how to do the “offering” version of this: “Well… I KNOW I pledged that much to the church, but it seems to me like a dollar a week is working…”

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