Are People Stupid?

The North Carolina Senate Race is one of the most watched and competitive in the upcoming mid term elections.  Cheri Beasley, former chief justice of the NC Supreme Court, is running against Ted Budd, self-styled conservative “patriot” who is one of Donald Trump’s republican sycophants.

As the race continues to get more national attention with the leadership of the U.S. Senate becoming more and more a toss up, TV ad buys are appearing from the Super Pac “Senate Leadership Fund,” a group that says they have one goal:   “to build a Republican Senate majority that will defend America from Chuck Schumer and Senate Democrats’ destructive far-left agenda.”

What has me scratching my head are the clearly distorted and untrue ads these folks are throwing up on TV:  Ads like this one:

They are all over broadcast TV here in NC, and every one of them is obviously both stupid and untrue.  I absolutely laugh every time the one plays telling us how “Cheri Bealsey is gonna send 85 THOUSAND new IRS agents knocking on your door!”

What I cannot understand is this:  Are people actually stupid enough to believe such obvious lies?  Does throwing this kind of political bullshit around like a bunch of chimpanzees throwing feces really sway people?  And if it does?  If people REALLY are this gullible and stupid, that they believe such nonsense?  What does that say about us as a nation?

I thought all the Trumpkins were going to “drain the swamp?”  Seems to me they’ve been building a bigger, deeper, more fetid and rotten one without anyone’s help.