New Kayaks, First Wetting

Last time we took our Wilderness Systems Tarpon Sit on Top boats out in the ocean surf, we realized those fishing boats are simply too heavy and cumbersome to play in the surf with.  So, they came home, got cleaned up, repaired, polished, listed on Craigslist and (one of them, at least) sold.

At the same time the search started for new SOT boats that would be lighter, more responsive, and more fun to paddle.  Right now, that type of boat is so scarce that it was beginning to look like a drive to Louisville, KY to pick up a boat for me and paying a $250 freight fee on top of the sale price to get one from Salt Lake City for Judy.  Both of those thoughts were truly a bummer; then I got an email from the North American Pyranha Kayak rep. telling me there may possibly be two brand new Fusion SOT’s sitting in a guy’s basement in High Point that are for sale – barely 65 miles up the road.  A couple of emails; a stop at the bank for cash, a trip to High Point… and the rest is history!  Our newest boats got wet for the first time the day before Tropical Storm Ian showed up.